Data Use Policy

All the terms and conditions stated under apply to your use of witchs We advise users to please read all the terms and conditions entirely and carefully. Be sure that you understand them before using the website further. These conditions and terms will affect your liability and rights. Continued use of the site is taken as acceptance of the terms. If for any reason you don’t want to be bound by the terms we recommend not to access the website or create an account on it.
From time to time additional terms may be applied to a particular service or product. These will be posted on the website and will apply if use that specific product or service. It is your duty to check these terms. It is also your responsibility to check for any updates on terms and conditions. We are not liable to inform you of the changes in terms.
We promise to keep your private data secure and safe. In return, you promise not to use the website to harm us or anyone else. You are not allowed to hack or gain unauthorized access to the site. You may not disrupt the website or our systems at any point.
Any third party links provided on the website are not under our jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the user to verify their authenticity before using them. Any harm that may arise through these third party links is not is not our liability. The user alone will be responsible for it. We don’t review third party links.


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