Historical Legends About Witches and Witchcraft

Witches and witchcraft

When growing up, a lot of people have heard about real magic, wizardry, and witchcraft. In smaller cities and towns across the world, the folklore and myths surrounding these creatures have been incredible. Images of women with extraordinary powers wearing pointy hats have scared and amused many generations of kids. Fear of the unknown is the worst kind there is.

History is full of red
At times, simple women without any evil intentions have been killed on charges of practicing witchcraft. There are no scientifically proven theories which certify the existence of such supernatural powers. Believing in facts and science is always the best way to approach life. It is apt to say that the paranoia and ignorance surrounding cultures in the middle ages was one of the worst times in history.

Witches were never bad
In the medieval periods, a lot of women used natural remedies to cure some diseases. As a result, people considered them to be powerful, but they were not able to understand the methods employed by bitches. It was not uncommon for them to think that substantial things were wrong with the practice of witchcraft. It was believed that witches used their powers to bring harm to other people. Their spells were considered powerful enough to kill and decapitate others. These superstitions caused a lot of trouble.

Unrealistic beliefs persisted globally
Countries of Europe and America held strange and laughable trials to convict women accused of being witches. Advanced knowledge and development in science, along with the arrival of civilized laws, has made things worthwhile. But, historically, the punishments meted out to so-called witches have been an example of the extent to which the unknown frightens human societies.

How has the world changed?
In the present times, it is normal for kids and adults to dress up in witch’s attire on Halloween and some other festivals across the globe. So, it is a clear indicator of the extent to which people and societies have evolved. In the middle ages, such actions would have brought about dire consequences.

Modern day witchcraft
Some of you may be surprised to find out that Wicca, which is a form of witchcraft, has been recognized as a religion in the US. Neighboring countries such as Canada also consider Wicca to be a religion and impart it the sanctity that it deserves. Wicca is not a complicated practice, and its intentions are mainly to bring you closer to nature.


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