Know About Crystals And Magical Powers


The use of minerals, stones, and crystals in magic is popular and explained in several civilizations. According to the wealth and location of the mineral territory in each region of the world, legends, lore, and myths were recorded regarding the magical stone’s properties. Sometimes they differ and sometimes they align.
As witches, we know that crystals have a unique kind of energy which can be utilized to enhance the magical and spell work, teach their lessons and messages and offer a unique kind of healing to souls, minds, and bodies. 
We have listed certain important crystals and their supernatural properties. 
  • Agate: Wealth, dream magic, fertility, vitality, protection from evil
  • Amber: Harmony and peace, air magic, purification, meditation, love
  • Amethyst: Meditation, divine love, break addictions, psychic powers
  • Apatite: Best remover of unnecessary and unwanted especially guilt
  • Aquamarine: Water magic, prevent from seduction, psychic abilities, hope
  • Aventurine: Financial and money magic, stability, earth magic
  • Diamond: Magical catalyst, money magic, healing magic, channeling, prophecy
  • Emerald: Love and joy spells, wish fulfillment, good luck spells, past lives, and akashic records
  • Hematite: Fertility for women, purification, manifestation, realization, fire magic, protection
  • Kyanite: Creativity and speech, freedom, emotional healing magic, water magic
  • Moonstone: Water magic, beauty, wisdom, prophecy, divination, love
  • Opal: Clairvoyance, reveal the truth, success
  • Pearl: Stores magical spells, beauty and love spells, water magic
  • Ruby: Love and sex spells, vitality and health, magical and psychic abilities, safeguard from sorcery
  • Selenite: Radiance, spiritual guidance, peace, wisdom, association with positive spiritual and magical entities
  • Turquoise: Peace and calm, water magic, healing magic, protection from bad eye
  • Topaz: Radiance, protection, wealth, mystical power (depends on color)
  • Tourmaline: Occult wisdom, spirit magic, power and wealth, mystical power (depends on color)


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