The reality behind witchcraft, sorcery, and magic


How popular is faith in witchcraft, sorcery, and magic?
A popular book- African Traditional Religion states that it is impossible to start the question of whether magic and witches present or not in Africa. It also refers that Africans of all groups strongly believe in witchcraft and it is urgent authenticity. Both highly educated and illiterate groups believe in witchcraft, sorcery, and magic. Moreover, religious leaders of Christendom and Islam are also strong believers. 
How magical powers arrive?
The African believe that force, spiritual or mystical power exists all over and God completely controls the force. Ancestors and spirits have the power to utilize the force. There are some humans who know how to obtain and utilize it. They can use it for both bad purpose (Black magic) and good purpose (White magic).
What is meant by black magic?
Sorcery or black magic is mostly aimed at enemies. People who are using black magic are said to obtain powers from flies, birds, bats, and animals that attack people. Sorcery is popularly believed to be liable for illness, barrenness, fights and also death. 
What is meant by white magic?
White magic is believed to offer protection against evil. People who are practicing white magic wear bracelets or magical rings. Moreover, they drink safeguarding medicine and also rub the medicine on their bodies. They hide things that are believed to possess protective powers in the ground or in their home. They believe in amulets controlling texts from the Bible or the Koran. 
What do many feel about witches? What are the confessions by people who are practicing witchcraft?
It is closely associated with witchcraft. There is a belief that witches leave bodies during night hours to meet other witches or consume other victim’s lives. As the bodies remain sleeping in beds, it supports the stories associated with confessions of a group who have withdrawn witchcraft.