Color Magick: A Starter’s Guide To Harness The Meaning Of All Colors

color magick

Are you wondering how witches master the meaning of colors in most of their magickal practices? Well, it is easily possible for them since they use it on a daily basis. They use without even having a thought that it is a ritual. If you are practicing witchcraft, it would remain as part of your daily life. 

What is meant by color magick?
Color magick utilizes the color spectrum as the aim of each color is to raise its magical response. If you want to try with color magick, you need to place things of various colors around your house so as to create different energies. 
Some people will be budget conscious and wish to try without spending much money.  In such situations, you can try to place flowers of different colors around the home and see how it changes your mood. You would not know that home décor is witchcraft. The experts use color magick while working with candles. You can select green candles for money drawing magic charms and pink for conquering self-love. 
The beauty routine is also one of the best ways of using color magick. Well, it is common for all people to have favorite colors. You know well that those colors work great for your skin tone and style. However, do not miss to trial with color magick. 
You can choose blue manicure when you need some peace or you are overstressed. In the same way, you can select a glamorous red manicure when you wish to seduce.  Each color has its own unique properties, which most witches accept this fact. It is common for all of us to associate colors in various ways. It is your talent and skill to discover what works right for you. What’s more? Try different colors and find the one that is bringing a lot of joy and happiness in your life.