Books about spirit and witches that brings magic to life

spirit and witches

Stories about the ghosts, spellworkers, mediums, and witches tell several details about the ordinary world. There are various ways to get closer to the psychic self: crystals and shamanism are the best places to begin. We have listed some of the books that will help in finding your way to gather knowledge about the other side in quick time.

Labyrinth Lost – Zoraida Cordova
Alexa Mortiza plays the main role in this story. She is the most potential bruja of her generation. She is also about to get extra powers.  As she approaches Deathday, she will get the extraordinary power of her ancestors. She has been worried about it. Alexa hates magic. Due to her power, she has experienced a lot of pain. After her magic performance, her father disappeared and her godmother passed away. It was because she performed the magic badly in such a way resulting in these incidences. 
So, she decided to use the magic for the last time which would release all her powers. Her entire family was sent into the underworld of Los Lagos (Los Angeles). 

The Famished Road – Ben Okri
Azaro is a spirit child, abiku who lives in an unknown Nigerian city. In this book, he shares his experience struggling between the material and spiritual world. His spirit sisters and brothers keep pulling him into the spirit world but Azaro wishes to live in the usual material world. He loves his mother. His mother protects and loves him. But his father is frustrated to have him as his son. He becomes a boxer and then becomes a politician to safeguard Azaro and the entire family. Madame Koto plays the role of the witch and tries to favor Azaro and his entire family.
There is a legend, fantasy, myth and lots of beautiful sentences in this novel. The Famished Road has won Man Booked Reward in the year 1991 under the fiction category.