Why Is Patent Registration Important For Magicians?

Magic in the Technological Era

Gaining Importance of Magic in the Technological Era

Magic is an age-old profession which is gaining importance as technology improves. Today many magicians perform tricks by adopting the recent technology. Magicians amuse people with their tricks, and they are cautious in not relieving the tricks to others. Today magicians perform traditional magic tricks along with some of the modern-day illusion tricks. People love to watch magic, and this is the reason for the existence of this age-old profession. Magicians put in lots of effort and practice to come up with unique magic tricks to cheat the eyes of the people. Thus it is essential to protect the works of the magicians and prevent it from being used by others. Patent filing can indeed help to protect the work of the magicians. It also helps them to fight for the rights of their own work.

There are specific laws that magicians and black magicians should abide when performing tricks or black magic. Here you would understand the importance of patent registration and how it helps magicians in their profession. You would have a clear idea of the things that are illegal to be done by magicians.

Magic is an Intellectual Art
Magic An Intellectual Asset

The Magical tricks performed by professional magicians can be patented when an individual magician conceives them. The person would have worked on the trick, and thus the hard work should be recognized by offering a patent to the magic trick. It is considered as an identity for the work, and it can be used as an intellectual asset. In this digital world, it is not possible to protect the unique tricks of the magicians. Thus to prevent exposure of tricks to others, there are various constitutional laws framed by the Government of India. Therefore with the use of Intellectual property law magicians can very well claim the rights and ownership for their own tricks.

Copyright And Patent Registration

Copyright is the ownership that you seek for anything a product, service, or anything that an individual has to put in efforts to create it. The same applies to magicians who come up with unique magic tricks. Copyright offers an identity for your magical performances. Thus other magicians cannot copy your work without prior permission when it is copyrighted. Magicians who try to steal other tricks are subject to legal allegations. This provides a basis for claiming ownership of their work and prevents exposure of the same. It is essential to know that a mere idea of magician cannot be copyrighted. The idea should be expressed for protection with copyright. A magician can represent his ideas through text, photos, and videos of the trick.

Patent registration is to protect people or magicians from preventing to copy the performance of other magicians. For performing patent, registration one has to perform the public release of the trick or the process. Thus a valid patent would prevent the use of your work from a third party without your permission. Patent registration ensures that others cannot perform the patented trick but can reveal how the trick works. Here check out more insights about Black Magic Law.

Unlawful Acts Of Magicians

There are specific activities and tricks that a magician or black magician should avoid.
Unlawful Acts of Magicians
These are the acts which are illegal and can result in legal actions.

  • Torture, forcible sexual acts, forcing others to ingest human excreta is illegal for black magicians.
  • Claiming to perform miracles on one’s health
  • Injuring people and causing danger to life for gaining supernal powers
  • Encourage to perform a human sacrifice for certain rewards.
  • Making people believe the ability to invoke ghosts, threaten people with ghosts, etc.
  • Preventing people from undergoing medical treatments and offering false promises on their supernatural powers.
  • Claim to undergo surgery with fingers and claim to change the sex of an unborn fetus.
  • Making use of a mentally challenged person for his/her cause.

The magicians or people who perform any of the above-said activities are considered as criminal and would be punished based on the constitutional laws.


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