Ways To Improve The Psychic Abilities Of A Witchcraft


Psychic ability is an inborn capability that is possessed by witchcraft. Psychic ability cannot be, and it is training offered to their minds.  To become professional witchcraft with more exceptional psychic ability, you have to follow specific tips. Following are some of the ways that would help to improve your psychic ability. 
Practice Automatic Drawing
Practice being in the meditative state. Choose a new location and use your pencil freely and bring into the picture the things that are registered in your unconscious mind. 
Practice Reading Auras
To read auras, you may need a person who can help you and a white wall. Reduce the effects of lights in the room. Gaze around the edge of your friend's form. Check if you can see something different. Change the place and try out reading auras in different rooms. 
Work On Psychometry Skills
Ask your friend to bring a photo of a person known to him. Hold the photo and envision about the impression that comes to your mind. You can ask several questions to your friend about the person in the picture. Your friend would answer only Yes or No for your questions. Write down your impressions about the person
Perform Clairvoyance
This is something you should able to do with cards. You must able to identify the face of the card without seeing it. You can pick a card from the deck of cards. Write the face of the card without seeing it. 
Perform Telepathy
To practice telepathy, you need a friend, and they need not be in the same room. You can stay connected with your friend through phone or Internet. Your friend, who is the caller, should pick a card and concentrate on it. The receiver must able to guess the face of the card. The guessing made should be noted down in a piece of paper. 
Follow the above ways, and this would help witchcraft to improve his/her psychic abilities.