Popular Non-fiction Books On Witches

Books On Witches

This book gives a clear insight into the history of witches and the people who persecuted them. Some people love to read fiction books, and some love non-fiction books. There are some popular non-fiction books on witches that are listed below.
The Witch –A History of Fear From Ancient Times To The Present
The book talks about how people feared witchcrafts and their persecution. A renowned scholar, medieval and modern paganism Ronald Hutton is the author of this non-fiction book. This book covers the ancient belief and understanding of witchcraft. It also explains how to deal with the fear of witchcraft. 
Witches, Midwives And Nurses-A History Of Woman Healers
This book, written by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English, was published in the year 1973. This book offers some information about the history of medical establishment with witch hunters. The book was later updated to deal with the healthcare crisis of today. This is a proactive book which is an authoritative guide on modern medicine.
Voodoo Queen-The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau
In the 19th century, a mother and daughter were believed to perform evil actions. They were the spiritual leaders, and they were persecuted for being witchcraft. In this book, Martha Ward shares some real-life stories of these two people and talks about their religious ceremonies. The book also clearly covers how these two women fought for the freedom of their living by practicing witchcraft. 
The Penguin Book Of Witches
This book edited by Katherine Howe is a historical compilation of witch hunter and court documents of the past. You can find some newspaper evidence on people stoning witchcraft woman to death for practicing magic.
Witches Of America
Alex Marr has written this book as a memoir which features the history of modern paganism. It also talks about the ancient belief of witchcraft. 
The above are some of the popular non-fiction books on witches.