Witchcraft & The Beauty Connection

Connection Between Makeup and MAgic

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Did you know people considered that there was a connection between beauty and the witchcraft? In fact, there was a law passed in 1770’s in the UK against the use of lipstick by women as they thought that women who wore lipstick and other cosmetics lured men into marrying them. Those women who wore cosmetics were charged with sorcery. Although there is no proof of this law, there were many who want it to come into force as they were against makeup. The reason for considering makeup as witchcraft is because Bridal Makeup Artists can create magic using powders, hairstyles, and the colors. Moreover, with so many talented artists who with the help of the latest tools and technology can change the way a person looks. So makeup can cast a spell on people.
Blot and use powder to make lipstick last - suggested By Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup Artists Spill Secrets to the Trend of Lipstick

Lipstick as a magic wand: Some women are of the belief that the lipstick is a kind of magic wand which when applied makes you feel self-confident and thus heals your low esteem. It is not only ordinary people who believe that lipstick works magic on the face, but it was also Queen Elizabeth I who thought that it could even save lives by sending death packing. Though she is believed to have died due to lead poisoning in the lipstick she wore daily; modern cosmetics use natural herbs that the witches use to perform spells. Some of the examples are love spells using rose petals or honey which is both used commonly in today’s cosmetics. Sephora, Farsali elixir are all magical ingredients which are used by magical practitioners as well as in modern cosmetics.

Use magic in your beauty care

Some of the magical potions like milk and honey can be used in your beauty care. Apply clay on your face as masks. Use rose water for baths, aromatic oils as perfumes, body massages using various natural ingredients are all rituals that you should follow. You can incorporate music, flowers, etc. in your bath to feel extra unique and magical in every which way which is magical.
Many witches practice spells which enhance the beauty, and numerous magical treatments help too. The cosmetics these days are coming up with all things natural as that is what the people are seeking to buy. The witches have been using the same elements in their spells and their
Effective Natural Remedies for Glowing Skin
beauty care for many centuries now. Read this https://www.dailydot.com/bazaar/basic-witches-self-help-book/ to know more.There are many witches these days who look natural than overly made up like the stereotypes that were created earlier.

How Witches Unleash The Beauty

  • The most critical element that is needed for a glowing face is to drink lots of water. Apart from having a well-balanced diet, sugary beverages are a big no.
  • Always make sure to remove your makeup, use a mild cleanser like rose water to remove all the cosmetics before you get to bed in the night.
  • Massages, pedicures, and manicures will help in blood circulation and make your skin glow.
  • Use proper fabric for your pillow covers and bedsheets so that your skin is not affected by it and forms wrinkles.
  • Exercise often to get glowing and radiant skin, the more you sweat it out, the better it is for your skin.
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