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Witchcraft Characterization – Its Past and Present

The traditional practice of magical skills and capabilities is termed as Witchcraft or Witchery. It is a little difficult to have a precise definition as it has many variations with respect to different cultures and societies. Witchcraft, the word is believed to be derived from either Saxon wicca, translated as “Wise person”, or more precisely a derivative from “Weik”, which in western languages meant Magic, Conviction and Prediction.

The primary witch-hunt happened during the “early modern” period from late 14th to early 18th century, an Era of Renaissance. As years passed Witchcraft took a different shape, as a practice or invocation of unproven supernatural powers, which has the ability to control the minds of people or events. In the “modern era”, many look at it as a positive mythology, which is prophetic or an aid to heal.

Significance of Stones and Gems in Witchcraft

Witchcraft makes use of precious stones and gems trusting they may have healing powers, as a protection against any evil, used for prediction and for divine communication.

Few to mention are

  • Amethyst – A spiritual stone bringing serenity during grief and stress.
  • Aquamarine – a water stone helps to calm nerves, toughen the spirit.
  • Bloodstone – A healing stone helps cleaning energy.
  • Carnelian – A peace stone provides relaxation from stress 
and many more such as Celesite, Citirne, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Garnet, Jade, Lodestone, Moonstone, Malachite, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Sodalite have many positive healing properties in them.

Role of Indian Law in association with Black Magic

There are many who are caught in an illegal Black Magic process. But our Indian Law has it covered under section 508 IPC, which punishes for an act of persuading people to consider that he or she is being purified as an object of godly discontentment. A complaint is filed and restraining order from court can be achieved for such illegal an act.

Bestsellers in Witchcraft
13 Books have been rated the bestseller in witchcraft in the Year 2019 of which the top 5 are

- Adler, Margot: Drawing Down the Moon
- Buckland, Raymond: Complete Book of Witchcraft 
- Cunningham, Scott: Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
- Curott, Phyllis: Witch Crafting 
- Eilers, Dana: Pagans and the Law - Understand Your Rights 

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