About Us

We built this site to be the ultimate source of all things related to witchcraft and black magic. There was a time that magic was considered quackery by most people. But just as science has developed, the minds of people have opened to things that seemed impossible before. Today, magic of any kind is considered as a dominant spiritual force that can solve some problems. The days when people use to shrink away from black magic or witchcraft are long gone. The discrimination has dwindled.

So what is witchcraft? It is the art that witches practice. It entails sorcery, enchantments and the belief in supernatural powers. It makes use of these magical powers. The word witch itself originated from the term Wicca. An Anglo-Saxon word, Wicca is derived from wicce. It means wise. Wicce, in turn, come from the root Wic which means to bend or turn. Wic is a German word. With such a broad origin to the term, witchcraft can be defined in many ways. The meaning is generally open to interpretation depending on the person using it.

For most modern people, both black magic and witchcraft is an innovative and exciting phenomenon. It is no more considered as a sin, as it was thousands of years ago. People see it as a reliable and alternative source of problems and issues. In this website, you can get a complete knowledge of spells used in black magic. From the smallest and simplest of spells to the most powerful spells you can think of, we talk about them all.