What to Gift A Witch


Have you ever had a witch in your gift list? If yes then I am sure you must be wondering what to gift the witch or the wizard. There are some great ideas here to amuse the witches as well as the regular folks. The ideas here are mostly ethically sourced, natural materials and organic ingredients.

The Witches bookshelf.


A Day Planner: For A Witch who loves to keep things in an organised manner, there couldn’t be a better gift than a day planner, especially We Moon 2018 Day planner, it is made of recycled paper with soy ink. A witch who is organised and who is gracious would love this.


Witches who love to translate can be gifted this work which is given in the link below. It will give them insight into the spells practiced in 17th century as well. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/07/21/library-calls-on-witches-to-help-translate-17th-century-spellbook/23041779/


Spirit Animal Decomposition Notebooks: For the witch who is highly creative and at the same time clumsy would love to scribble ideas in a notebook constantly. Michael Rogers Decomposition Notebooks are amazing. It is made of post-consumer waste recycled with Soy ink printing making it “A book which is a must to write on”


The Hedges Witches Herbal Grimoire: It is book which is one of its kind and a tie up between artist AdreinneRozzi of Poison Apple and herbalist Allison Garber. It is published on a recycled paper having a write up on the ethics of wildcraft. It is very essential as witches turn to plants for both magic as well as medicine.


The Start Witchin’ Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook: It is the most ideal gift to the female witches as it centres on Empowering the magical women to stop gossiping or bitching and start with witchin , A step up guide to start the magic.


A subscription to witch way magazine: A worthy gift to the witches who are interested to know more about their craft and learn topics from different angles. The magazine contains wonderful information and great pictures.


A digital subscription to Witches and pagans magazine-It covers wide range of topics about the pagan moment today. BBI media who are the publishers have served the community for over 20 years now and provide detailed websites on pagans & witches. BBI Media can take the support of Website Redesign Companies to give that witchy look for their websites though.


Apart from the witches’ bookshelf for the literate and organized witches, there are more great gifts which can enchant the witches and their practices, they are witchy supplies. They range from the Beeswax Candle from the Beeswax Co, which are candles made of pure cotton wicks, without the use of artificial colours or scents. Christmas Fir Campfire Incense which when burnt is clean and has such a fresh fragrance that melts our heart to break into a song. Western Red Cedar Smoke Wand crafted perfectly for the home or ritual cycle. Value of the Woods Celtic Ogham Divination Set by Electric Celt. A perfect gift for the witch who is enchanted by Celtic paganism culture.


After mentioning the various gifting options, you are sure to gift your witch friend the ideal gift of their choice.


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